Turtle Hatching Update
March 8, 2021
Turtle Hatching Update

March ’21 Hatching

We had another successful set of hatchlings during the month of March this year. The first eager turtles poked their heads out of the sand at around 4pm local time with tide still quite low and the water subsequently far from the nesting site. Nature & evolution was very much on display as they lay resting until the temperature cooled and the water was a lot closer to the shoreline. By around 5.30pm they began emerging from the nest. A handful of guests from Almanara were super lucky to be able to witness one of nature’s most magical spectacles.

Our beach team and the turtle monitor from Diani Turtle Watch, were on hand to ensure that they were left to make the journey to the water unaided and in peace. We’re happy to report that around 100 turtles made the incredible voyage of their first ever walk to the ocean.

Around a week later another two nests hatched over night and we were able to monitor this with our night team to ensure no turtles wandered off in the wrong direction! We’re already looking forward to the next nesting season!