Water Project

Water is the driving force of all nature. It is more important now than ever before that we do our best to conserve our use and disposal of fresh water. At Almanara we use water which is sustainably extracted from our own wells to supply the hotel. All our grey (waste) water is passed into a water treatment system based on the biofilm principle. Once the system has treated the water it is re- used to irrigate the gardens. This treatment solution meets both Nema and European standards and ensures that none of this precious resource goes to waste.

Solar Energy

Being located in equatorial Africa, we are blessed with huge amounts of energy from the Sun for 12 hours of the day all year around. Each of our villas are fitted with solar water heaters which provide hot running water for our guests. Further to this we are adding Solar PV arrays which will supplement our consumption of power from the grid creating a sustainable energy offset.

Our Vegetable Garden

The majority of the fresh produce we use is grown in our 100% organic vegetable shamba “farm” located at Almanara. We grow a selection of fruits, vegetables and salads which are enjoyed by our wonderful guests at both Almanara and our Sails Restaurant, creating an organic farm to fork experience.

Waste & Plastics

At Almanara we have made the decision to limit our consumption of single use plastics wherever possible. All of our drinking water comes in glass bottles which are sent back to the supplier when empty to be cleaned and re-used. This has greatly reduced our plastic waste footprint. For those plastics that we must use, we work with local recycling initiatives including Kwale Plastics Plus, to ensure safe and sustainable disposal. Further to this, all of our garden and food waste is used for composting, which in turn can be used in our vegetable garden.

Wildlife Conservation

Almanara works alongside a number local organisations in order to ensure the protection of our wonderful local wildlife, such as the Colobus Conservation Trust which works to protect not only the nationally threatened Angolan Colobus Monkey, but many other species of primates around Diani. We also work with Local Ocean Conservation by securing an area of our private beach to be used as a Turtle nest relocation site. Our work with them ensures the safe hatching of hundreds of new green and hawksbill turtles every year.


The team at Almanara is made up of 100 local employees many of whom have been with us since the beginning. Through this long term job security they have been able to create a bright future for themselves and their dependants, and in turn have become part of the Almanara family. We also support local charity initiatives including the Swalha Children’s Orphanage & Africa Child & Women’s Centre.