Sustainable Water Consumption
Water project
May 26, 2021
Sustainable Water Consumption

Almanara Water Project

As we all know, water is an extremely valuable resource and one that should be treated carefully, from way we consume it, to how we recycle and reuse it, and also how we dispose of it. Over the last year we have been working on a project that will ensure that we receive 100% of our water from our own wells on our sister property which is located 1.5km inland.

On this site water from our well is sourced directly from the natural aquifers that run many meters underground close to the natural water table. This water – which falls on Shimba Hills and beyond – is naturally filtered on it’s way to our well. From here we pump the raw water into a desalination plant, before it is sent via our pipeline to Almanara.

After this process the quality is as good as drinking water (although all of our drinking water is purchased and severed in glass bottles from our supplier). From there it is used for all of the running water at the property, including the kitchens, showers and sinks.

Once used, the waste – or grey water – is sent to our brand new water treatment plant. The system is based on the fixed-film biological (biofilm) principle for the treatment of domestic waste water. This solution meets both local (Nema) and European environmental standards.

We then use this treated waste water to irrigate our wonderful gardens ensuring they look green all year around. This also ensures that we have a holistic 360 degree use cycle of our water from start to finish. The new system will be fully functional and online by June 2021.